5 CRM Statistics Worth Knowing

5 CRM Statistics Worth Knowing [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Whether your company currently has CRM software or not, these statistics could be very helpful. How is that? Well, let’s consider 3 scenarios:

  1. Your company has CRM and it’s working well for you. The majority of these statistics will make you nod your head in agreement. They may also make you think about what’s next. Are you ready for mobile? Are you cloud-based?
  2. Your company has CRM but it’s NOT what you expected. You may look at the first statistic and wonder why you’re not seeing similar ROI. Or you may look at the last statistic and understand where the issue is…
  3. Your company does NOT have CRM. What are you waiting for? These statistics will help you understand the highs and the lows, and hopefully prepare you for the direction CRM software is headed and what to expect.

Our Top 5 CRM Statistics You Need to Know

We looked at quite a few CRM statistics, and these were the 5 areas that we found most compelling. If you have any questions, please let us know… If you like it, then please share it! And of course, if you feel there are some more important statistics that we missed in this article, please let us know in the comments below.

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5 CRM Statistics Worth Knowing by Trovare Business Solutions

How Do We Solve the CRM User Adoption Issue?

We realize that user adoption is a major challenge when it comes to CRM software implementation. This is something that we hear from potential clients and also something that we heard while talking to users at the Dynamics User Group Summit in Phoenix this year.

Every company is different, but we think we have some ideas that will get you thinking about how to make your CRM implementation a success. That way you can make sure your company benefits from the revenue returns mentioned in this infographic. Stay tuned for our next article on strategies for increasing CRM user adoption.


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