Challenges of Doing Business Without a CRM Solution

Challenges: Doing Business Without a CRM Solution

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Every business faces challenges. It’s a normal thing. If you’re a company that doesn’t face any challenges, than congratulations, you should write a book (or a blog) on exactly how you do that… and make a lot of money. Now, back to the post… The amazing thing is that a lot of small businesses don’t realize that a CRM solution could solve most of those challenges and allow their business to grow… and then continue to grow.

I’m not going to sit here and tell you that customer relationship management (CRM) software will solve all of your problems and your company will never face another challenge again. I will tell you that a CRM solution will eliminate a lot of those challenges and may even make it easier for you to solve new challenges as your company continues to expand.

I keep mentioning these challenges, so what are they? Well, without further ado, here is a list of the most common challenges that businesses face without a CRM solution.

Challenges of Doing Business Without a CRM Solution

1. Unorganized Customer Data

Without a CRM, you probably have a marketing team with customer information and a sales team with customer information… oh, and let’s not forget the customer service team with a completely different set of customer info. It would make so much more sense if it was all in one place and every department could see exactly where each customer was in the pipeline. That’s exactly what a CRM would do.

2. Time Spent Doing Manual Updates

You probably don’t even realize it, but there are so many things that you do during a normal day of business that CRM can do for you. That contact form from your website doesn’t have to entered manually into a database. CRM can actually take that data from that form submission, create a record, and even send them a custom email response. That’s just the beginning. Let us know what you would like to automate.

3. Issues Staying Connected On-the-Go

The world has been mobile for years, but is all the information you need available to you when you’re sitting in an Uber on your way to a client meeting? It is now, if your company has CRM. All of your customer data is saved to the cloud, so you can find your client’s exact address, make an update to the presentation, notify the rest of the team about the update, and be ready to present when you walk through their door. Thanks, CRM.

4. Inability to Determine Marketing ROI

No longer are the days of trying to guess if a sale was associated to a specific marketing campaign or another. With CRM, you can track digital marketing campaigns, associate leads to specific campaigns and follow that lead through the sales/marketing funnel in order to evaluate the return on investment.

5. Gathering Data for Reports Takes Time & Energy

It does take a lot of time to gather data, especially if you’re pulling it from multiple internal systems and external websites like Google analytics. What if it was all in one place and you could easily create and share reports with just a few clicks of the touchpad (or mouse). This is possible, with CRM and a powerful business intelligence solution like Power BI.

6. Social Media is a Time Suck

Only the truly gifted can switch back and forth between 6+ browser windows in order to post, share, and comment on the numerous social media accounts your company has. Even if they are good at it, it’s still a huge time killer. With CRM and a marketing solution, you can have it all in one place and can easily keep track of your social media efforts without having to open multiple browser windows.

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7. Too Much Data in Too Many Places

Does your company have spreadsheets or other documents that people update and save in different places? Some people may even be saving it locally on their laptop and forgetting to upload it to the server. Even when you do know where everything is, does it all relate to each other seamlessly? Probably not. A CRM system is perfect for this. Put all of your data in CRM; it’s saved to the cloud, available to everyone, and always up-to-date. Go one step further and consider a data integration solution with Scribe software and integrate data across multiple applications.

8. Issues Staying on Task

Do you have all of your tasks written on a piece of paper next to your laptop? Or maybe you have a bunch of flagged emails in your inbox (I used to do that. Guilty!). This is no way to manage important tasks you need to complete. CRM will keep a list of your tasks, make sure you know exactly what you have to do, and even remind you of deadlines.

9. Customer Service Gets Pushed to the Side

When you’re so busy working to get the customers, who has time to follow up with them or answer their questions? Well, hopefully your business does! Keeping your customers happy should be one of your top priorities. Especially with today’s technology, most customers expect a speedy response when they have an issue. When they don’t get one, they will quickly move on to the next company that does exactly what you do… just faster and better. CRMs are great for customer service. They allow your customer service team to manage customer issues within the CRM and get notifications when there are updates or responses from the customer.

10. No Time to Write Content, Publish It, Share It, AND Track It

Content Marketing is SO important, yet so many companies feel they just don’t have the time to do it. I’ll be honest, a CRM solution is not going to help you write content, but it will help you publish it, share it, and track the results. Integrate a CRM with your website and manage your content like never before.

11. Trouble Finding & Retaining Valuable Customers

Of course, if you’re too busy doing manual tasks and pretty much everything else I mentioned above (because you don’t have a CRM), how could you possibly have time to market to new customers and then retain them through lead nurturing and exceptional customer service? It’s nearly impossible. So, the solution is: CRM. With the added time and the valuable insights CRM will give you regarding your customers, there’s no way you won’t kill it when it comes to customer satisfaction.

12. Finding it Hard to Continue Growth

This one is at the end because it’s an all-encompassing challenge. If your company is busy dealing with all of these other challenges, then you probably don’t have time to focus on marketing, improving your product, and nurturing leads. All things you need to do in order to grow your business. The main thing a CRM solution does is save you time and time is valuable.


Is your company facing a different type of challenge that is not listed here? It’s very possible! We definitely do not claim to know everything. Let us know in the comments, or contact us and let us know what you’re thinking. There’s a solution out there, and we can help you find it!

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